Sweet pepper – growth strategy

UDC 635.64:631.67

V.V. Ognev, T.V. Chernova, A.N. Kostenko, N.V. Geras’kina, N.A. Poltavskii

Presented the current state and prospects of sweet pepper production and consumption in Russia. The contribution of breeding in the improvement of the sweet pepper variety is shown. The leading role of varieties and hybrids of this crop in increasing yields and improving product quality is emphasized. Description of promising hybrids sweet pepper breeding of Poisk Agro holding.

Keywords: sweet pepper, production, consumption, selection, variety, hybrids.

V.V. Ognev, PhD, associate professor, director, Rostovsky breeding centre of Poisk Agro holding. E-mail: ognevvv@bk.ru

T.V. Chernova, breeder, Rostovsky breeding centre of Poisk Agro holding

A.N. Kostenko, PhD, agronomy expert in testing of Poisk Agro holding.

N.V. Geras’kina, PhD, breeder, Rostovsky breeding centre of Poisk Agro holding.

N.A. Poltavskii, postgraduate student, Donskoy State Agrarian University

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Ognev V.V., Chernova T.V., Kostenko A.N., Geras’kina N.V., Poltavskii N.A. Sweet pepper – growth strategy. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No11. Pp. 33–36.

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