Tomatoes in southern Russia

UDC 635.64:631.53.02

T.V. Chernova, V.V. Ognev, E.I. Korsunov

An analysis of the importance of vegetable crops on the example of tomato in southern Russia is given. The contribution of the Poisk Agro holding in the creation of tomato variety for southern Russia is shown. Prospects for the breeding of new domestic hybrids of tomato with high consumer qualities are determined.

Keywords: vegetables, tomato, selection, variety, technology, import substitution.

T.V. Chernova, breeder, Rostov Breeding Centre of Poisk Agro holding

V.V. Ognev, PhD, associate professor, director, Rostov Breeding Centre of Poisk Agro holding. E-mail:

E.I. Korsunov, postgraduate student, Don State Agrarian University

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Chernova T.V., Ognev V.V., Korsunov E.I. Tomatoes in southern Russia. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No11. Pp. 20–23.

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