Assessment of the adaptability of potato samples in the northern territories of the Arkhangelsk region

UDC 633.491

Popova L.A., Golovina L.N., Gintov V.V., Shamanin A.A.

The article presents the results of a comprehensive assessment of potato samples of the breeding of Russian Potato Research Center in the northern territories of the Arkhangelsk region. The aim of the research was to assess the adaptability of new potato samples in the nurseries of the environmental test to create a new highly productive, nematode resistant variety adapted to the conditions of the northern regions of Russia. Comprehensive assessment of hybrids was carried out on the following indicators: duration of phenological phases, yield, disease damage, starch and dry matter content in tubers, adaptability factor. The Holmogorskiy variety from the group early and Elizaveta from the middle-early group have been adopted for the standard. The adaptive potential of samples capable of providing high productivity in the annual changes in weather conditions of the Arkhangelsk region is calculated. According to the results of a visual assessment on resistance to risoctoniosis and viral diseases, all the samples tested showed high and very high resistance. During two years of research in the main harvest, high yields from the early group formed potato samples of 211/9 – 41.1 t per hectare (19.0 t/ha to St), from the group medium-early – a 4568/10 variety sample with a yield of 40.8 tons per hectare (11 t/ha to St). In the course of research, samples with high plasticity and productivity have been identified. The most adaptive to the growing conditions were: from the group early variety sample 211/9 with an adaptability factor of 1.51; of the average group -4568/10 with an adaptability ratio of 1.51 and 3 samples with an adaptability ratio of more than 1 (1509/1, 4602/9 and 4568/6). Field testing of potato samples has led to the selection of species with high biological and economic potential to create a new, highly productive, nematode resistant potato variety. As a result of preliminary testing for resistance of hybrid 4568/10 to cancer pathogen (Dalem pathotype) and golden potato nematode (pathotype RO1) in laboratory conditions (2019) and in field conditions (2020) at the All-Russian potato testing point for resistance to cancer and nematode (RPRC), the presented sample was characterized as resistant. Variety sample 4568/10 is planned to be submitted to the State Variety Testing in 2021.

Key words: potato, varieties, integrated assessment, adaptability, coefficient of adaptability, productivity, maturity groups, yield, resistance to diseases and pests

Popova L.A., Cand. Sci. (Econ.), senior research fellow. E-mail:

Golovina L.N., senior research fellow

Gintov V.V., Cand. Sci. (Econ.), leading research fellow

Shamanin A.A., research fellow of the crop production laboratories. E-mail:

Primorsky branch of the FSBI of Science of the Federal Research Centre for Integrated Arctic Research named after the academician N.P. Laverov of the Russian Academy of Sciences – Archangel Research Institute of Agriculture (Primorsky branch of FCIARctic – ARIA)

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For citing: Assessment of the adaptability of potato samples in the northern territories of the Arkhangelsk region. L.A. Popova, L.N. Golovina, V.V. Gintov, A.A. Shamanin. Potato and vegetables. 2021. No1. Pp. 34-37. (In Russ.).


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