Technology of growing potatoes using a complex of domestic agricultural machines

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Gusev V.G.

The article is devoted to the consideration of technological operations and equipment used in the production of potatoes in the Russian Federation. For growing potatoes, depending on the size of the farm, three most common technologies are used: Zavorov technologies, Dutch technologies and Grimm technologies. Zavorov technology, which was widely used in the 1990s, is currently used only in small areas of individual entrepreneurs. While the Grimm ridge technology has been developed for special conditions and is used mainly on heavy or stone-clogged soils, the Dutch technologies one is the most common potato cultivation technology in high-volume ridges in the Central Non-Chernozem zone of Russia. The Dutch technology provides for aeration of the soil before planting potatoes and the use of a special complex of comb technology to perform operations, as well as chemical destruction of weeds during the growing season of potatoes. Features of the Dutch technology: the creation of a finely crumpled (loose) soil structures with a minimum number of passes of aggregates through the field before planting and the formation of high-volume ridges after or during planting, as well as the exclusion of mechanical row-to-row treatments in the future due to the use of herbicide treatment. Kolnag LLC (Kolomna, Moscow region) is one of the first enterprises for the production and supply of highly specialized equipment from the very beginning of the use of comb technology in Russia. Currently, this organization produces a complex of agricultural machinery. machines from preparing the soil for planting to harvesting potatoes. Annual tests of machines produced by Kolnag LLC confirm the high level of quality of production of manufactured equipment, which allows it to be in high demand among agricultural producers. The supplied equipment is innovative, it allows to increase both potato yields and the productivity of the work performed, as well as to reduce losses and damage to potatoes during harvesting. The products of Kolnag LLC comply with European quality standards and provide the entire cycle of potato cultivation from tillage to storage. In addition, the proposed complex of agricultural machinery serves to implement the import substitution program conducted by the Russian Federation in recent years.

Key words: potato, agricultural machines, cultivator, cultivator-combing machine, potato planter, haulm shredder, potato harvester

Gusev V.G., deputy head of testing division of agricultural machinery FSBI Vladimir State Zonal Machine Testing Station. E-mail:
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For citing: Gusev V.G. Technology of growing potatoes using a complex of domestic agricultural machines. Potato and vegetables. 2022. No12. Pp. 29-32. (In Russ.).

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