Modern mineral fertilizers PhosAgro on white cabbage in the open ground of Non-Chernozem zone

UDC 635.34:635.342

Peliy A.F., Dubrovskikh L.N., Sterkin M.V., Nadezhkin S.M.

Cabbage is the most important source of vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals necessary for the human body. To meet the nutritional needs of cabbage plants and ensure maximum growth rate and high yield, special attention should be paid to the presence of a sufficient amount of readily available nutrients in the soil, primarily nitrogen. Cabbage grows faster on the background of mineral fertilizers, which is explained by the easy digestibility of the elements of nutrition that make up them, compared to organic fertilizers. In two-year studies on sod-podzolic soil in the Moscow region (Federal state budgetary scientific institution «Federal Scientific Vegetable Center»), we studied the effect of foliar top dressing for vegetation with Apaliqua APP complex fertilizer on various mineral nutrition systems developed by «PhosAgro». In the experiments, phenological observations were carried out, the characteristics of the development of vegetables under various food systems were evaluated, three weeks before harvesting, the biometric indicators of white cabbage were evaluated according to the experimental options, and additional income from the use of fertilizers was determined according to the control options, guided by generally accepted methods. The maximum increase in commercial yield in comparison with the control, on average for two years of research, was obtained in the variant N127P101K69(S5) with the use of five top-ups of housing and communal services Apaliqua APP and amounted to 13.6 t/ha. When reducing the total dose of nitrogen by 51 kg in the active substance to N76P93K69(S20), the yield increase to the control was 11 t/ha. On average, for two years, the largest amount of conditional net income was obtained in the variant N127P101K69(S5) with the use of five Apaliqua APP dressing and amounted to 258 thousand rubles/ha, which exceeds the other variants by 51–13 thousand rubles/ha.

Key words: white cabbage, foliar top dressing, mineral nutrition, Apaliqua APP.

Peliy A.F., specialist of the Agronomic service of JSC «Apatit». E-mail:

Dubrovskikh L.N., head of the Agronomic service of JSC «Apatit». E-mail:

Sterkin M.V., director of Marketing and Development of JSC «Apatit». E-mail:

Nadezhkin S.M., D.Sci. (Biol.), Professor of the RAS, Deputy Director for Innovation of the FSBSI «Federal Scientific Vegetable Center»; Training and Experimental Soil and Environmental Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chashnikovo village, Udarny, Solnechnogorsky District, Moscow Region, 141592, Russian Federation. E-mail:

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For citing: Modern mineral fertilizers PhosAgro on white cabbage in the open ground of Non-Chernozem zone. A.F. Peliy, L.N. Dubrovskikh, M.V. Sterkin, S.M. Nadezhkin. Potato and vegetables. 2021. No3. Pp. 22-24. (In Russ.).

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