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Main topic

Mineral fertilizers provision p. 3

Information and analysis

Tretyakova A.A.

We are expanding the cooperation horizons p. 4

Romanov T.S.

The State Duma and the Federation Council for food security p. 6

Leaders of the branch

Participation of the EEC in the development of seed business p. 9

Tretyakova A.A.

Worthy hybrids for Russian farmers p. 10

Orlov A.E.

New facilities – great plans p. 11

Morozov D.O., Bukreev V.V.

The future belongs to the integrated plant protection system p. 12

Vegetable growing

Fedosov A.Yu., Menshikh A.M., Sosnov V.S.

Fertigation management for vegetable growing p. 14

Leshev E.A.

Mineral nutrition: yield and quality p. 19

niskina N.F., Gasparyan I.N., Dyikanova M.E.

Study of the influence of the microbiological preparation Slavol on the sowing qualities of nightshade crops p. 21

Potato growing

Ukolova A.Yu.

Herbicidal protection of potatoes and soybeans p. 24

Breeding and seed growing

Yanaeva D.A., Khovrin A.N.

Problems of radish breeding and seed production p. 26

Anisimov B.V., Simakov E.A., Zhevora S.V.

Development of domestic potato seed production: organizational structure and quality regulations (analytical review) p. 29

Krasnikov S.N., Cheremisin A.I., Sogulyak S.V.,
Krasnikova O.V., Panteeva K.O.

Application of the hybridization method for potato breeding in the conditions of the Omsk region p. 35

Bukharov A.F., Sycheva S.V., Bukharova A.R., Vostrikov V.V.

The potential of tomato seed productivity in the conditions of the CCR p. 38

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