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Main topic

Implementation of innovations. I.S. Butov P. 2

Masters of the branch

The good beginning. A.A. Chistik P. 4

Vegetable growing

The scheme tomato hybrids planting in polycarbonate greenhouses of the second light zone. I.V. Rufina, T.A. Tereshonkova, E.A. Shilyaeva P. 7

Diagnostics of mineral nutrition of beetroot on floodplain soils of non-Chernozem zone. A.A. Kolomiets, I.Yu. Vasyuchkov, O.N. Uspenskaya, M.A. Dolgopolova, L.N. Timakova P. 9

Fertilizing of cucumber in West Siberia. T.A. Kuznetsova,N.A. Kolpakov P. 11


Substantiation of the constructive scheme of share groups of potato planters. A.G. Ponomarev, V.N. Zernov P. 13

Potato growing

Usage of sprout inhibitors in storage of potatoes intended for processing on crisps. S.V. Maltsev P. 15

Cut worms – pests of potato: what to do? O.A. Voblova P. 18

Effectiveness of growth regulators potato cultivation. S.V. Zhevora, L.S. Fedotova, N.A. Timoshina, E.V. Knyazeva P. 21

Breeding and seed growing

Grinding of carrot, beet and tomato seeds to prepare for incrustation and use of precision seeders. A.V. Yanchenko, A.M. Menshikh, M.I. Azopkov, V.S. Golubovich, S.V. Fefelova P. 25

Agrotechnical measures of primary seed production in the South of Russia. L.N. Timakova, L.A. Yusupova,M.A. Dolgopolova, A.N. Khovrin P. 28

The influence of macro and micronutrients on seed yield and sowing qualities of seeds of chicory root. O.M.Vyutnova, E.A.Evseeva, N.A.Ratnikova P. 31

Accelerated production of broccoli regenerated plants. L.V. Startseva, S.V. Startsev, V.I. Startsev P. 32

Having prospects candidate varieties of Welsh Onion (Allium fistulosum) for South of West Siberia. E.V. Shishkina, S.V. Zharkova, O.V. Malykhina, V.I. Leunov P. 35

Contents 2018 P. 38


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