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Work and decisions of AIRSC

Leunov V.I., Derbenskii V.I.

ANRSK – 25 years in the seed market of vegetable crops. Who and how should form a transparent and civilized market for vegetable seeds in Russia p. 3

Leaders of the branch

Tretyakova A.A.

The course for Russian production p. 8

Akatyev V.N.

High quality elite p. 11

Information and analysis

Monakhos S.G.

University Saturdays in Timiryazev Academy p. 12

Vegetable growing

Belova S.V.

Nutrition diagnostics of vegetable crops p. 13

Breeding and seed growing

Maximov S.V., Bekov R.Kh.

Practical results of cooperation in tomato breeding p. 17

Berezkin A.N., Pyl’nev V.V., Vertikova E.A.

Royalty and seed certification as the basis for the development of modern plant breeding p. 20

Polyakova N.V., Koroleva S.V.

Influence of root nutrition on the manifestation of tipburn of the internal leaves of the head in white cabbage hybrids p. 24

Potato growing

Gusev V.G.

Technology of growing potatoes using a complex of domestic agricultural machines p. 29

Zernov V.N., Ponomarev A.G.

Justification of the design and operating mode of the belt elevator of the automatic landing machine  p. 33

Contents of the year

Contents of 1–11 issues in 2022 p. 38

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