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Main topic

Klimenko N.N.

Import substitution needs a professional basis р. 3


Pashaev R.Yu

A worthy contribution р. 6

Information and analysis

Butov I.S.

Potato market in Russia in 2023-2024: trends and forecasts р. 10

Tretyakova A.A.

Strategy for the development of vegetable growing р. 12

Personnel hunger: there are both recipes and those who know how to cook  р. 14

Monakhos S.G.

Biotechnology and breeding by the hands of pupils in Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy р. 17

Leaders of the branch

Tretyakova A.A.

At the centre of innovations р. 18

Vegetable growing

Lytov V.I.

Key aspects of growing cabbage seedlings р. 21

Dyikanova M.E., Terekhova V.I.

Organic fertilizers increase yield and quality of early leafy vegetables products р. 26

Potato growing

Zeyruk V.N., Belov G.L., Belov D.A., Barkov V.A., Krylov V.A., Krylova M.F.

Most effective desiccants in Moscow region р. 29

Breeding and seed growing

Eidlin Ya.T., Monakhos G.F., Monakhos S.G.

Evaluation of hybrid combinations of onions with group resistance to diseases р. 34

Contents of the year

Contents of 1–11 in 2023 р. 38

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