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Main topic

Domestic agricultural machinery is in priority. I.S. Butov P. 2

News P. 7

Masters of the branch

Oleg Maistrenko: “The state should intervene in the problems of farmers!”. A.A. Chistik P. 10

Work and decisions of AIRSC

Totals of work of AIRSC in 2018. V.I. Leunov, I.M. Konovalenko P. 12

Vegetable growing

Innovative technology of preparation of the substrate in sterile conditions for the cultivation of oyster mushrooms. N.L. Devochkina, R.Dzh. Nurmetov, L.N. Pryanishnikova, S.V. Mukienko P. 17

Immunitsitofit on tomatoes in open field. O.V. Korobeinikova, V.M. Merzlyakova P. 21

Polar 50 against powdery mildew of cucumber. K.L. Alekseeva, L.G. Smetanina P. 23

Potato growing

Resource-saving technology of cultivation of early potatoes. M.E. Dyikanova, A.G. Levshin, I.N. Gasparyan, O.N. Ivashova P. 26

Substantiation of the basic scheme and technical parametres for system of original seed- potato growing. S.N. Petukhov P. 30

Breeding and seed growing

Molecular markers in onion breeding. R.R. Alizhanova, S.G. Monakhos, G.F. Monakhos P. 32

Encapsulation of seeds is an important element of resource-saving technologies. S.V. Fefelova, A.M. Men’shikh, A.V. Yanchenko P. 36

Gertsoginya F1 hybrid is a real example of import substitution. G.A. Kostenko P. 39

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