Gertsoginya F1 hybrid is a real example of import substitution

UDC 635.342:635–152

G.A. Kostenko

Domestic hybrid of cabbage Gertsoginya is successfully grown in the best enterprises of the Moscow region, and in simple farms in other regions of the Russian Federation. Its yield reaches 100 t/ha, heads have high marketability and standard. The hybrid has increased adaptability, responds positively to the application of mineral fertilizers and is characterized by excellent keeping quality during winter and spring storage. At the same time, it is resistant to a complex of diseases during the growing season and during storage. Today it is one of the best competitive domestic hybrids.

Keywords: white cabbage, F1 Gertsoginya, hybrid, commercial vegetable growing.

G.A. Kostenko, PhD, leading research fellow of brassicaceae crops breeding laboratory, ARRIVG–branch of FSBSI Federal Scientific Vegetable Center.E-mail:

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For citing: Kostenko G.A. Gertsoginya F1 hybrid is a real example of import substitution. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No2. Pp. 39-40.

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