№3, 2023 en


Pulse of the State

More aid for agrarians p. 3


Raevskiy P.V.

Cooperation as a driver of small business development p. 4

Leaders of the branch

Tretyakova A.A.

A partnership that guarantees quality p. 7

A meaningful contribution p. 9

Information and analysis

The unique exhibition  p. 10

Masters of the branch

Butov I.S.

We adjust to the market p. 11

Vegetable growing

Morozova V.S.

Persistence of eggplant fruits grown at different levels of mineral nutrition p. 13

Sel’men V.N., Sel’men E.V.

Seedlings of cabbage, tomatoes and peppers under led lighting p. 17

Engalycheva N.A., Devochkina N.L., Engalychev D.I

City farming. Intensive Basil Growing Technology p. 21

Dyikanova M.E., Terekhova V.I., Vorob’ev M.V., Bocharova M.A.

The effectiveness of the use of organic fertilizers Aminozol and Lebozol on the development and yield of winter garlic p. 26

Polykov A.V.

Planting garlic by bulbs: advantages and disadvantages p. 30

Ostonakulov T.E., Saidova G.A.

Adaptive tomato hybrids, cultivars and growing technologies on slightly saline soils of Bukhara region p. 31

Potato growing

Grebennikova T.V., Vizirskaya M.M., Zhevora S.V., Fedotova L.S., Timoshina N.A., Knyazeva E.V.

Efficiency of foliar application with water-soluble fertilizers of the Aqualis line on potatoes p. 36

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