№6 2022 en


Main topic

Dordzhiev S.A.

Automation of drip irrigation systems p.3


Belgorod region: to new successes p.5

Timofeev M.N.

Fertile field p.8

Sen’kina T.V.

A special attention for a land reclamation p.10

Information and analysis

Romanov T.S.

A long-awaited conversation p.11

Leaders of the branch

Tretyakova A.A.

Science and production: a step towards one another p.13

Tretyakova A.A.

In search of perfection p.15

Vegetable growing

Butov I.S.

Effective vegetable growing on saline soils of the South of Russia p.16

Autko A.A., Autko An.A., Butov I.S.

Ecologization and mechanization of the production of vegetable crops, spicy-aromatic and medicinal plants in Belarus p.18

Irkov I.I., Uspenskaya O.N.

The influence of bacterial preparations on the yield, quality and keeping quality of onion in an annual crop p.23

Potato growing

Ol’garenko G.V., Bulgakov V.I., Kapustina T.A., Medvedeva E.V.

Technologies and techniques for irrigating potatoes in the Russian Federation p.26

Temereva I.V., Smirnova T.B., Stepanova T.Yu., Tolstoguzova T.T.

The use of fertilizers in the cultivation of potatoes of various varieties in the meadow-chernozem soil of the Omsk region p.30

Mal’tsev S.V., Andrianov S.V., Knyazeva E.V.,Timoshina N.A.

The effectiveness of gamma irradiation during storage of ware potatoes and potatoes intended for processing p.34

Breeding and seed growing

Yusupova L.A., Khovrin A.N., Timakova L.N.

Terms of sowing of single-seed forms of table beet in seed production in the south of Russia p.38

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