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Main topic

Aksenov A.G., Sibirev A.V.

State of technical support for vegetable crops production in the Russian Federation p. 3

Leaders of the branch

Serova A.Yu

Great prospects are waiting for us p. 9

Tretyakova A.A.

Annual results of hard labour p. 10

Serova A.Yu.

Applied science – guaranteed result p. 11

Serova A.Yu.

The crunchy season is open! p. 13

Tretyakova A.A.

Cucumbers are considered in the autumn p. 14

Vegetable growing

Ognev V.V., Chernova T.V., Korsunov E.I.

Features of forming plants hybrids of tomato indeterminant type in spring greenhouses in southern Russia p. 16

Kasyanov A.E.

Innovative technologies of irrigation reclamation in the production of potatoes and vegetables p. 21

Sokolova L.M., Yanchenko A.V., Fedosov A.Yu., Azopkov M.I., Golubovich V.S.

Thermal treatment of carrot and red beet seeds p. 24

Potato growing

Mityushkin A.V., Zhuravlev A.A., Mityushkin Al-r. V., Gaizatullin A.S., Salyukov S.S., Ovechkin S.V., Semenov V.A., Simakov E.A.

Evaluation of highly starchy potato varieties by the intensity of starch accumulation and the size of starch grains p. 29

Breeding and seed growing

Bekov R.Kh.

Marker features of the tomato basic material in heterosis breeding for greenhouse industry p. 34

Kobkova N.V., Shaposhnikov D.S., Galichkina E.A.

Influence of growth regulators on seed output in melon seed breeding p. 38

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