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Main topic

There’s State support p. 3

Kopochinsky L.

New methods may change breeding of vegetable crops p. 4

Ivanov A.Yu.

To form a competitive domestic selection p. 6

Leaders of the branch

Bagrov R.A.

A significant visit p. 9

Romanov T.S.

Due attention to phytosanitary issues p. 10

Poisk Company has opened doors to guests p. 11

Tretyakova A.A.

A magic world of flowers p. 12

Barbaritskaya I.V.

A turning point p. 13

Barbaritskaya I.V.

Development of new markets p. 14

Tretyakova A.A.

Vegetable Field Day in Mari El p. 15

Kostenko A.N.

Selection is the locomotive of progress p. 17

Tretyakova A.A.

Green trend of Russia p. 18

Vegetable growing

Timakova L.N., Surikhina T.N.

Analysis of table beet production in Russia p. 20

Potato growing

Mudrechenko S.L., Maslovskii S.A., Soldatenko A.A., Tkachenko G.V., Karpova N.A., Shapovalova P.N.

The effectiveness of the use of the drug NaturCover in the storage of food potatoes p. 24

Molyanov I.V., Semenov V.A., Gaizatulin A.S., Zharova V.A.

Selective selection depending on of ecological and geographical conditions p. 28

Breeding and seed growing

Monakhos S.G., Vishnyakova A.V., Zubko O.N.

Еducational programs on breeding, seed production and biotechnology in the RSAU-MTAA p. 33

Khovrin A.N.

Ways and results of researches on breeding of carrots p. 37

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