Evaluation of the productivity and quality of new promising varieties of potatoes for the conditions of Western Siberia

UDC 631.527:635.21 (571.13)

Krasnikov S.N., Cheremisin A.I., Soguljak S.V., Krasnikova O.V., Panteeva K.O.

The purpose of the research is to evaluate potato hybrids in a competitive test according to the main economically valuable characteristics (high productivity, quality, resistance to diseases and stress factors of the southern forest-steppe zone of Western Siberia) and, based on the results obtained, identify promising hybrids for transfer to the State test. Field tests of cultivars in a competitive nursery were carried out at the experimental site of the Omsk Agrarian Scientific Center in 2020–2022, located in the southern forest-steppe zone, on chernozem medium loamy soil with granulometric composition, well provided with nutrients. The object of research was potato hybrids of the Omsk ANC selection of various ripeness groups in comparison with standard varieties: early-ripening – Alyona; middle-early – Nevsky and middle-ripe – Khozyayushka. The planting scheme is 75×28 cm with tubers embedded to a depth of 8–10 cm from the surface of the ridge. The plots are two-row with 60 bushes, the repetition is fourfold, the placement of plots is randomized. The area of the accounting plot is 15 m2. The content of dry matter and starch was determined by the weight method, the content of vitamin C was determined by Murri; the content of reducing sugars was determined by the ionometric method. Statistical data were processed according to B.A. Dospekhov. Early crop accounting and tuberous analysis were carried out on the 70th day after planting on ten bushes of each variety. Since 2015, among other promising hybrids, the Spectrum variety (hybrid 43–14) has been transferred from the nursery of the preliminary test to the competitive test, and since 2018, another promising variety Idol (hybrid 182–17) has been transferred. As a result of many years of testing in this nursery, promising varieties showed good results and were prepared for transfer to the state test from 2024 and 2025. Today, reproductive seed production on a virus-free basis is organized for these varieties in the Omsk ANC. This will contribute to their accelerated introduction into the production of Western Siberia.

Key words: potato, variety, selection, productivity, quality

Krasnikov S.N., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), leading research fellow, Head of the Potato Breeding Laboratory of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution «Omsk Agricultural Research Center» (FSBSI «Omsk ARC»)

Cheremisin A.I. (the author for correspondence), Cand. Sci. (Agr.), leading research fellow, Head of the Potato Department of the FSBSI «Omsk ARC». E-mail: biocentr@bk.ru

Sogulyak S.V., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), leading research fellow, FSBSI «Omsk ARC»

Krasnikova O.V., master's student of the Omsk State Agrarian University, leading specialist of the FSBSI «Omsk ARC»

Panteeva K.O., leading specialist of the FSBSI «Omsk ARC»

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For citing: Evaluation of the productivity and quality of new promising varieties of potatoes for the conditions of Western Siberia / S.N. Krasnikov, A.I. Cheremisin, S.V. Soguljak, O.V. Krasnikova, K.O. Panteeva. Potato and vegetables. 2023. No7. Pp. 37-40. https://doi.org/10.25630/PAV.2023.80.58.005 (In Russ.).

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