№1, 2019 en


Editorial P. 2

Main topic

The main risks in the implementation of the National Strategy of the President. Yu.K. Kovalchuk, E.V. Tulin,E.G. Permyakov P. 3


Dynamics raises hopes. I.A. Gurinovich P. 8

News P. 10

Masters of the branch

Knowledge from everywhere. I.S. Butov P. 12

Vegetable growing

Environmentally safe production of sweet pepper in spring greenhouses. V.V. Ognev, T.V. Chernova, A.N. Kostenko, E.N. Gabibova, V.K. Mukhortova, S.S. Avdeenko P. 13

Aspects of agrotechnology of the perennial wall-rocket in open ground. A.V. Litnetskii, M.I. Ivanova, A.I. Kashleva, D.N. Baleev, A.F. Bukharov, V.V. Mikhailov, N.L. Devochkina P. 16

The results of studies on the prevention of downy mildew of onions. I.I. Irkov, A.I. Denisenko, N.A. Gadzhikurbanov, A.B. Polezhaev P. 19

Biological preparation for protection and yield increase of onion. V.P. Tsvetkova, V.S. Maslennikova P. 22

Productivity and biometric indicators of tomato fruits depending on the illumination. E.V. Sokolova, V.M. Merzlyakova P. 25


Technology and equipment for potato growing at the exhibition Рotato Europe 2018. N.N. Kolchin, V.P. Elizarov, V.N. Zernov, S.N. Petukhov P. 27

Potato growing

New perspective potatoes varieties and their characteristic. Kh.Kh. Apshev, N.A. Timoshina, E.V. Knyazeva, L.S. Fedotova P. 30

Biotechnology to potato breeding. A.N. Gantimurova, V.I. Kulikova P. 34

Breeding and seed growing

Testing carrot cultivars in the conditions of Moscow and Rostov regions. L.A. Yusupova, L.M. Sokolova, A.V. Kornev, A.N. Khovrin P. 37

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