Rexy is a new medium-ripe variety of table carrots

UDC 635.132:631.526.32

Kosenko M.A., Khovrin A.N.

Constraining factors of production of carrots in Russia are: lack of moisture, extreme temperature conditions, morbidity of alternariosis. The main industrial production of root crops is concentrated in the Central, Southern and Volga Federal Districts, where about 70% of the gross harvest is grown. The leaders in terms of carrot production in 2018 were the Volgograd, Moscow, Novgorod, Samara regions and the Krasnodar Territory. The consumption of carrots is growing from year to year, and production is growing accordingly. The sanctions have given Russian manufacturers the opportunity to replace a high-quality imported product with a domestic one, and we must take advantage of this. The purpose of the work: to assess the potential of a new variety of table carrot Rexy of domestic selection that meets the modern requirements of commodity production. The research was carried out in open ground conditions in the selection crop rotation of the Poisk agrofirm (Moscow region) in 2019–2020. A new promising variety of Rexy carrots has been bred and tested in the Moscow, Ivanovo, Ryazan and Smolensk regions. Medium-ripened. The rosette of the leaves is semi-erect. The leaf is long, green, coarsely dissected. The root crop is short, conical with a weak shoot and a slightly pointed base (Chantenay variety type). The core and bark are orange. The weight of the root crop is 152–201 g. The content of dry matter is 11.5%, total sugar – 7.2%, carotene up to 18.9 mg per 100 g of raw matter. He passed production tests in the largest vegetable-growing commodity farm of CJSC Kulikovo (Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region) on an area of 10 hectares. In the conditions of vegetable crop rotation, the variety has a high commercial yield for early products – 56 t/ha. The yield of marketable products is 90.4%. As a result of tests in 2019–2020 at four state-owned agricultural sites of the Russian Federation, it was revealed that the average yield of the variety for two years was 71.93 t/ha. The highest productivity indicators of the Rexy variety were noted in the Ryazan and Moscow regions. The share of standard products on average in the regions was 86.2%, the highest figure was recorded in the Moscow region – 95.7%.

Key words: carrots, variety, yield, marketability, stability.

Kosenko M.A., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), senior research fellow of the department of breeding and seed growing, ARRIVG – branch of FSBSI FSVC, breeder of Poisk Agrofirm.E-mail:

Khovrin A.N., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), chief research fellow of the department of breeding and seed growing, ARRIVG – branch of FSBSI FSVC, head of department of breeding and primary seed production of Poisk Agrofirm. E-mail:

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For citing: Kosenko M.A., Khovrin A.N. Rexy is a new medium-ripe variety of table carrots. 2021. No7. Pp. 38-40. (In Russ.).


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