Integrated system of potato protection preparations of the JSC «August» Inc.

UDC 635.21:633.49:631.563

Barkov V.A., Belov D.A., Zeiruk V.N., Belov G.L.

The results of tests of the integrated potato protection system with preparations of JSC «August» Inc. are presented. The purpose of the tests is to study the effect of a comprehensive protection system using the products of JSC Firm August on diseases, weeds, pests and potato yields in the Moscow region. The research was conducted at the Institute of Potato Growing after A. G. Lorch in 2018-2019 on the potatoes, Kolobok cultivar. The soil of the experimental site in Korenevo is sod-podzolic sandy loam with the following agrochemical characteristics: pHkcl = 4.9; Ng = 3.6 mg-EQ./100g of soil; S = 2.5 mg-EQ./ 100g of soil; V =41.0 %; high content of mobile phosphorus-342 mg / kg of soil and below the average exchange potassium of 64 mg / kg of soil; and also with low humus content-1.7% of humus. Weather and climate conditions of the 2018-2019 seasons were generally favorable for growing potatoes. in 2019, there was an outbreak of late blight on potatoes. The product line of the company «August» has a full range of products for the protection of potatoes, starting from protectants, ending with desiccation and harvesting for storage. Records of germination, diseases, weeds, potato yield were carried out using the method of research on potato protection from diseases, pests, weeds and immunity. The protection circuit of the potato showed high efficiency for the development and spread of diseases, the development of black scurf in trial variant of 12.5% and a spread of 3.1% in the control variant the development of sheath blight has reached 48.8 per cent, and the spread of 21.6%. Fungicidal treatment as well constrained the development and spread of late blight and early blight. The development of late blight was 3.7%, and the spread of 2.4%, in the control variant, the spread of late blight reached 73.4%, and the development of 64.9%. Herbicide treatments coped well with dicotyledonous and cereal weeds. the biological efficiency reached 93%. According to the results of tests of the protection system in the conditions of the Moscow region on the Kolobok variety, high biological efficiency was shown for diseases, pests and weeds on potatoes. The actual increase in yield on potatoes was 36.4% or 11.8 t/ha.

Key words: potatoes, preparations, weeds, diseases, pests, biological efficiency, yield.

Barkov V.A., specialist of the product development Department of JSC «August» Inc. Е-mail:

Belov D.A., head of product development Department of the JSC «August» Inc.

Zeyruk V.N., Doctor Sci. (Agr.), head of laboratory plant protection, Lorch Potato Research Institute. E–mail:

Belov G.L., Cand. Sci. (Biol.), senior research fellow, laboratory plant protection Lorch Potato Research Institute.Е–mail:

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For citing: Integrated system of potato protection preparations of the JSC «August» Inc. Barkov V.A., Belov D.A., Zeiruk V.N., Belov G.L. Potato and vegetables. 2020. No3. Pp. 16-18. (In Russ.)

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