Joint use of potato tuber protectants with Agrostimul plant growth regulator

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Zaikin B.А., Belov G.L., Zeyruk V.N.

Etching of potato seed material with protective and stimulating preparations is one of the most important measures in the technology of its protection. On potatoes, as protectants, drugs with a fungicidal spectrum or combined preparations of fungicidal and insecticidal action are used, which reduce the infectious potential of pathogens on tubers during planting, suppress the development of infection, and prevent the defeat of underground and ground parts of the plant during germination. Insecticidal components of combined preparations effectively destroy soil-dwelling, leaf-eating and sucking insects during the growing season. Etching of tubers reduces the number of treatments during the growing season against pests and diseases. In this case, highly concentrated suspensions of drugs are used. This increases the risk of negative effects of treatments on tuber sprouts and causes a delay in the emergence of seedlings. The purpose of research: to study the growth regulator of plants of Agrostimul as a protectant of depressive action of potato tuber protectants. Field research was conducted in 2017–2018. For the treatment of tubers before planting used: prestige (Bayer), prestige (Agroruskhim), CS (140 g/l imdacloprid + 150 g/l pencicuron) – 1 l/t, Tselest Top, CS (262.5 g/l thymetoxam + 25 g/l fludioxonyl + 25 g/l diphenoconazole) – 0.4 l/t and their combinations with the plant growth regulator Agrostimul – 20 ml/t, active substance – dihydroquarcetin. This natural substance is isolated from the resin of fir and larch has a biocidal effect. The research was conducted in Lyubertsy (experimental base «Korenevo», ARRIPF) and Dmitrov (Savvino village) districts of the Moscow region. In variants with 100% Agrostimul, germination occurred 3–5 days earlier than the standard and 1–2 days earlier than the control. The commodity yield of combinations with agro Incentive was higher by 17,8–24,5% of control and by 7,8–20,2% of reference variants.

Key words: potatoes, protectants, plant growth regulators, germination, growth and development, yield

Zaikin B.А., senior research fellow, Institute of chemical plant protection products. E-mail:

Belov G.L., Cand. Sci. (Biol.), senior research fellow of laboratory of plant protection, Lorch Potato Research Institute (LPRI). Е-mail:

Zeyruk V.N., D.Sci. (Agr.), head of laboratory of plant protection, LPRI. E-mail:

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For citing: Zaikin B.А., Belov G.L., Zeyruk V.N. Joint use of potato tuber protectants with plant growth regulator Agrostimul. Potato and vegetables. 2020. No8. Pp. 32–36 (In Russ.). https://

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