№8, 2020en


Main topic

Glotov O.A., Gribova O.A.

Training specialists of agricultural sector in secondary vocational in Russian Federation: modern tendencies p. 3

Leaders of the branch

Chistyakova L.A., Baklanova O.V.

Breeding of cucumber in Poisk Agro Holding p. 8

Barbaritskaya I.V., Ognev V.V.

Work for the future p. 10

Razin A.F., Meshcheryakova R.A.

A glorious way continues p. 12

Chistik A.A.

The Cucumber Day 2020 p. 14

Vegetable growing

Belenkov A.I., Pleskachev Yu.N., Filin V.I., Abrashkina E.D.

Fertigation of tomatoes in the open ground of the ERPC Gornaya polyana of the Volgograd SAU p. 15

Autko A.A., Volosyuk S.N.

Agrobiological and technological basis of watermelon production in Belarus p. 19

Potato growing

Rentes K.

True Hybrid Potato Seeds – A new pathway for Russia to obtain disease free potato starting material p. 24

Gritsenko V.V., Guseinov K.G., Postnikov A.N., Mityushev I.M.

Problems and successes in potato protection from Colorado potato beetle p. 27

Zaikin B.А., Belov G.L., Zeyruk V.N.

Joint use of potato tuber protectants with Agrostimul plant growth regulator p. 32

Breeding and seed growing

Chistyakova L.A., Baklanova O.V., Khovrin A.N., Kornev A.V.

Evaluation of heterosis cucumber hybrids adaptability in low light period p. 37

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