Preparations of JSC Shchelkovo Agrochem in the protection of potatoes

UDC 632.934:635.21

Belov G.L., Zeiruk V.N., Derevyagina M.K., Vasileva S.V., Stroeva N.V.

The use of presticides made by JSC Shchelkovo Agrochem in the integrated potato protection system has proved their high efficiency. The purpose of the research is to test the recommended system of potato protection with chemical preparations of JSC Shchelkovo Agrochem. The research was carried out in 2019–2020 at the experimental base Korenevo in the conditions of the Moscow region on the variety Santa. The soil is sod-podzolic sandy loam with a content of humus (according to Tyurin) – 1.2–1.9%, mobile phosphorus (according to Kirsanov) – 342–346 mg/kg, exchangeable potassium (according to Maslova) – 64–68 mg/kg, pHKCl = 4.9–5.0. The flow rate of the working fluid is 10 l/t of planting material during etching and 300 l/ha during the growing season of plants. Pre-planting treatment of tubers with a tank mixture of Kagatnik fungicide, VRK and Bombard insecticide, CS allowed to reduce the percentage of plants affected by rhizoctoniosis by 7.2% compared to the control (19.1%) and provided almost complete protection of potato plants from the first generation of the Colorado potato beetle. According to the results of the tests, it was shown that the combined use of herbicides in the germination phase allowed to reduce the number of perennial weeds 30 days after their application by 90.0% and annual – by 94.1%. Treatment of plants during the growing season with fungicides reduced the prevalence of alternariasis at the date of the last accounting relative to the control (58.8%) by 1.9 times, and the degree of development by 3.0 times. The prevalence of late blight in the control version was 100.0% and the degree of development was 66.2%, and in the experimental version – 14.3% and 2.7%, respectively. The biological effectiveness of insecticides Beretta, MD and Imidor, VRK was 91.1–94.5%. The use of a complex of chemical plant protection products and agrochemicals of JSC Shchelkovo Agrochem provided an increase in gross and commercial yield by 29.2% and 42.5%, respectively, compared to the control (25.0 and 21.4 t/ha). The studied preparations provided a reduction in the incidence of tubers with diseases compared to the control, and the yield of standard healthy potatoes of the commodity fraction exceeded the control by 46.1%.

Key words: potatoes, chemicals, weeds, diseases, pests, biological efficiency, yield

Belov G.L. (author for correspondence), Cand. Sci. (Biol.), senior research fellow of laboratory of plant protection, Russian Potato Research Centre. E-mail:

Zeiruk V.N., D.Sci. (Biol.), head of laboratory of plant protection, Russian Potato Research Centre

Derevyagina M.K., Cand. Sci. (Biol.), leading research fellow of laboratory of plant protection, Russian Potato Research Centre

Vasileva S.V., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), leading research fellow of laboratory of plant protection, Russian Potato Research Centre

Stroeva N.V., specialist of the department of registration and demonstration tests, JSC «Shchelkovo Agrochem»

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For citing: Preparations of JSC Shchelkovo Agrochem in the protection of potatoes. G.L. Belov, V.N. Zeiruk, M.K. Derevyagina, S.V. Vasileva, N.V. Stroeva. Potato and vegetables. 2021. No5. Pp. 27-31. (In Russ.).

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