Seed potato under summer planting

UDC 635.21:631.67 (470.44/.47)

N.K. Dubrovin, T.V. Boeva, G.N. Kiseleva

Determining of the best summer planting time for obtaining the largest number of potato tubers of seed fraction with weight from 40 to 80 g is one of the main tasks of potato seed growing in the Volga delta, since the spring planting is not suitable for potato seed production. The researches were conducted with six domestic prospective varieties: Vershininskiy, Zhanna, Evgenia, Valentina, Kislovodskiy and Volzhanin, taken as a control variant. On the basis of our research, for the first time it was established the optimum summer planting time of potato – the third decade of July with plant density from 54,9 to 71,4 t/ha, ensuring the production of high-quality seed material.

Keywords: potatoes, planting time, plant population, varieties, seed fraction.

N.K. Dubrovin, DSc, leading research fellow, department of agrarian technologies and land reclamation

T.В. Boeva, PhD, senior research fellow, department of agrarian technologies and land reclamation

G.N. Kiseleva, junior research fellow, department of agrarian technologies and land reclamation All-Russian Research Institute of Irrigated Vegetable and Watermelon Growing – the branch of FSBSI «Near-Caspian Agrarian Federal Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences». Е-mail:

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Dubrovin N.K., Boeva T.V., Kiseleva G.N. Seed potato under summer planting. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No4. Pp. 30-32.

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