The use of natural conditions of the high alpine province of Dagestan for reproduction of prospective varieties and hybrids of potato

UDC 635.21

Serderov V.K., Serderova D.V.

The introduction of promising high-yielding varieties and hybrids adapted to the local natural and climatic conditions of cultivation is of great importance in increasing the productivity of potatoes, which determines the efficiency of the industry and the cost of production. The aim of the work is to study the influence of climatic conditions on the productivity and quality indicators of potato varieties and hybrids, as well as their use of favorable soil and climatic conditions in the highlands of the Republic of Dagestan, for breeding and introducing into production new promising, high-yielding, adapted to the growing environment of potato varieties with a complex of economically valuable characteristics. The object of the study was potato varieties of early, mid-early and medium maturation periods of Russian, Belarusian and foreign selection. Field experiments were conducted in 2014–2017 at an altitude of 2000–2200 m, on the lands of the mountain stronghold Kurakhsky of the Kukhar district and on the plain province (the Caspian lowland) on the territory of the suburban area Nauka of the Makhachkala district of the Republic of Dagestan. The landing scheme is 70×30 cm, the repeatability is four times. The technology of growing potatoes is combed. When conducting field experiments, generally accepted methods were used. Almost all potato varieties grown in the lowland province formed a high yield in the first year and, with further propagation, as a result of the development of viral diseases, sharply reduced their productive qualities. The highest yield on average for three years was observed in the varieties Zhukovskiy ranniy (20.8 t/ha), Impala (20.5 t/ha), Nevsky (17.8 t/ha), Predgornyy (16.9 t/ha) and Udacha (16.3 t/ha). In turn, the mountain province of Dagestan was characterized by favorable soil and climatic conditions for the cultivation of both food potatoes, and for the organization of primary seed production on a virus-free basis and the reproduction of promising varieties of this crop. On average, over the years of research in the mountain province, the varieties Silvana (37.4 t/ha), Udacha (37.6 t/ha), Rocco (33.3 t/ha), Impala (31.7 t/ha), Zhukovskiy ranniy (29.0 t/ha), Predgornyy (27.7 t/ha) and Primobella (27.7 t/ha), as well as hybrids No.12.40/17 (43.1 t/ha) and No.13.61/61 (38.8 t/ha) were distinguished by yield.

Key words: potato, variety, productivity, climatic conditions, mountainous province, plain province

Serderov V.K., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), associate professor, head of laboratory of potato and vegetable growing. E-mail:

Serderovа D.V., junior research fellow, laboratory of potato and vegetable growing. E-mail:

Federal Agrarian Scientific Center of the Republic of Dagestan

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For citing: Serderov V.K., Serderova D.V. The use of natural conditions of the high alpine province of Dagestan for reproduction of prospective varieties and hybrids of potato. Potato and vegetables. 2021. No7. Pp. 34-37. (In Russ.).


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