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Main topic

Simakov E.A., Anisimov B.V., Mityushkin A.V., Zhuravlev A.A., Gaizatulin A.S.

Development of domestic potato breeding and seed production on the principles of public private partnership p. 3

Information and analysis

Serova A.Yu.

The exhibition without borders p. 8

Bagrov R.A.

With anxiety about the future p. 10

Leaders of the branch

Serova A.Yu.

Poisk company work in Middle Volga region p. 11

Ognev V.V.

Exotics and not only p. 12

Talyshkina A.E.

The real work of “Rosselkhozcenter” of Astrakhan region p. 14


Antidze N.K., Sakara N.A., Mikheev Yu.G., Leunov V.I., Vanyushkina I.A., Lapina N.V., Tarasova T.S., Sinichenko N.A.

Primorye vegetable experimental station: results and prospects p. 16

Vegetable growing

Khalimbekov A.Sh., Kurbanov S.A., Magomedova D.S.

Red beet in the Republic of Dagestan p. 20

Terekhova V.I., Kirichenko D.V., Zemyakhin M.S.

Elements of eggplant cultivation technology in protected ground p. 23

Konstantinovich A.V., Sukhodolov I.A.

Valuation growing cocktail-type cucumber hybrids in a vertical farm p. 26

Potato growing

First-class protection of the “second bread” p. 30

Breeding and seed growing

Al’-Rukabi M.N.M., Leunov V.I., Tereshonkova T.A., Spasskii A.K.

The low-volume technology of Fitopyramida type and the potential of tomato hybrids of various commodity groups p. 31

Kostenko G.A., Khovrin A.N.

Testing of domestic white cabbage hybrids at different planting densities p. 35

Contents of the year

Contents 1-11 issues of 2021 p. 38

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