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Main topic

Leunov V.I., Konovalenko I.M.

AIRSC’s contribution to the development of breeding and seed production in Russia p. 3


Potapov N.A., Potapov P.N.

Problems and challenges of the development of vegetable growing in the Novosibirsk region p. 9

News p. 13

Information and analysis

Serova A.Yu.

The work of the «Rosselkhoztsentr» for the new yield of the Astrakhan region p. 14

Elanskii S.N.

Seminar “Damage of seed potatoes and tomato seeds by microorganisms and methods to control them” p. 15

Masters of the branch

Butov I.S.

A hobby on the verge of a profession p. 16

Butov I.S.

A vegetable grower by vocation p. 17

Leaders of the branch

Rodin N.M.

Without changing the traditions p. 18

Serova A.Yu.

VNIIKR institute and Poisk company – a serious partnership p. 20

Osokin I.E.

Keeping up with the times p. 21

Vegetable growing

Peliy A.F., Dubrovskikh L.N., Sterkin M.V., Nadezhkin S.M.

Modern mineral fertilizers PhosAgro on white cabbage in the open ground of Non-Chernozem zone p. 22

Irkov I.I., Ibragimbekov M.G., Zaplatkin A.N., Bagrov R.A.

Optimization of onion production technology under annual growing in Non-Chernozem zone p. 25

Potato growing

Maltsev S.V., Andrianov S.V., Mityushkin A.V.

Efficiency of germination inhibitors appliance by storage of potato varieties for various target uses p. 29

Breeding and seed growing

Eroshevskaya A.S., Egorova A.A., Milyukova N.A.,Pyrsikov A.S.

Identification of Сf-9 gene alleles of resistance to leaf mold in F1 tomato hybrids bred by Poisk Agrofirm p. 35

Shilyaeva E.A., Kornev A.V.

Vegetative and seed methods of propagation of shallots p. 38

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