№4, 2020 en


Main topic

Sirota S.M., Pinchuk E.V., Shevchenko T.E.

The Russian market of vegetables and melons and a balance of production and consumption of products p. 3

Work and decisions of AIRSC

To save the agrarian industry of the country p. 10

Vegetable growing

Timakova L.N., Borisov V.A., Fil’roze N.A.

Promising varieties of beets on various backgrounds of mineral nutrition p. 11

Stepanov N.N.

Sprintalga in the technology for early production of a bulb onion p. 14

Romanovskii N.V., Irkov I.I., Geletei I.I.

The results of the root crops separate harvesting study for small farms p. 18

Devochkina N.L., Nurmetov R.Dzh., Dugunieva L.G.

Mushroom fruiting when covering the substrate with a cover soil p. 22

Polyakov A.V., Loginov S.V., Alekseeva T.V., Storozhenko P.A.

Organic element growth regulators of the new generation while garlic growing p. 26

Potato growing

Kiselev A.I., Shabanov A.E.

Yield and quality of new potato variety Kumach depending on set of agricultural practices p. 29

Dyikanova M.E., Ivashova O.N., Levshin A.G., Gasparyan I.N., Gasparyan Sh.V.

The effect of concentrate glauconitic sands on the productivity of potato p. 33

Breeding and seed growing

Kazakhmedov R.E., Kafarova N.M.

Elizaveta, a new winter white cabbage cultivar p. 37

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