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Information and analysis

Butov I.S.

Vegetable growing in Russia: results of 2022 p. 3

Leaders of the branch

Tretyakova A.A.

Real import substitution opportunities p. 7

Masters of the branch

Butov I.S.

Quality is above all p. 10

Chistik A.A.

There is need to love your plants p. 12

Vegetable growing

Surikhina T.N., Rubtsov A.A.

Analysis of the current state of vegetable growing in the Rostov region p. 14

Alexeeva K.L., Bagrov R.A., Smetanina L.G.

New bioinsectoacaricides to control pests of vegetables and potatoes p. 19

Mokhov E.A., Fedorov D.A., Vorobyev M.V.

Growing short-fruited cucumbers in a farmer’s greenhouse p. 24

Lebedeva N.N., Devochkina N.L.

Ways to stimulate the germination of seeds for micro-greens p. 29

Potato growing

Zeyruk V.N., Vasilyeva S.V., Zhevora S.V., Belov G.L., Maltsev S.V., Derevyagina M.K., Kashina Y.G.

Preparation for harvesting and storing potatoes p. 33

Breeding and seed growing

Timakova L.N., Kolomiets M.A., Kornev A.V.

Search, selection and creation of source material to improve the quality for red beet p. 37

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