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Main topic

Asaturova A.M., Tomashevich N.S.

Biological method of plant protection: let’s find out closer p. 3

Timakova K.

Virtual fields p. 4


Morozova M.V.

A leading region p. 8

Nikolaeva F.V., Lukina F.A.

Analysis of potato and vegetable production in Yakutia p. 10

Leaders of the branch

Tretyakova A.A.

Tomato prospects p. 14

Potato processing: we choose domestic produce p. 15

Vegetable growing

Yanchenko A.V., Fedosov A.Yu., Men’shikh A.M., Azopkov M.I., Golubovich V.S.

Inlay of vegetable seeds p. 16

Korobeinikova O.V., Sokolova E.V., Merzlyakova V.M.

The effect of micronutrients and plant growth regulators on the yield and quality of cucumber p. 20

Potato growing

Matsishina N.V., Ermak M.V., Fisenko P.V., Volkov D.I.

Influence of temperature on the 28-point ladybeetle Henosepilachna vigintioctomaculata ontogenesis duration p. 24

Vladimirov V.P., Vladimirov K.V., Sharapova A.R., Mostyakova A.A.

Ways to increase the use of photosynthetically active radiation in potato cultivation p. 29

Breeding and seed growing

Kosenko M.A., Khovrin A.N.

The results of the variety testing of a new variety of carrots Kupets p. 33

Bukharov A.F.

Reuse of queen cells in the creation and reproduction of separate forms of red beet p. 37

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