Selection and evaluation of the initial material in potato breeding for processing

УДК 635.21:631.52

A.S. Gaizatulin, A.V. Mityushkin, A.A. Zhuravlev, A.V. Mityushkin, S.S. Salyukov, S.V. Ovechkin, E.A. Simakov

The results of the evaluation of potato variety samples potentially suitable for processing into potato products on a complex of economically useful features are presented and parental forms for inclusion in various combinations of crossing are identified. Assessed in hybrid populations by crossing parental forms with different degrees of suitability for processing into potato products. The frequency of genotypes occurrence among hybrids of the 1st generation of tubers suitable for processing by the color of crispy potato slices and the content of reducing sugars in tubers in the dynamics of winter-spring cold storage (t=2-3 °C) was analyzed. It is established that the efficiency of selection of suitable hybrids that do not require conditioning depends on the genotype of parental forms and the direction of their use as components of crossing.

Keywords: potato, breeding, hybrid populations, processing, color of crispy slices, reducing sugars.

A.S. Gaizatulin, junior research fellow

A.V. Mityushkin, PhD, head of laboratory

A.A. Zhuravlev, PhD, senior research fellow

A.V. Mityushkin, PhD, senior research fellow

S.S. Salyukov, research fellow

S.V. Ovechkin, research fellow

E.A. Simakov, DSc, head of department of experimental gene pool of potatoes. Lorch Potato Research Institute


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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Gaizatulin A.S., Mityushkin A.V., Zhuravlev A.A.,  Mityushkin A.V., Salyukov S.S., Ovechkin S.V. , Simakov E.A. Selection and evaluation of the initial material in potato breeding for processing. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No7. Pp. 36-40.

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