New perspective potatoes varieties and their characteristic

UDC 635.21:631.526.32

Kh.Kh. Apshev, N.A. Timoshina, E.V. Knyazeva, L.S. Fedotova

The work presents the characteristics of eight new varieties of potato of russian selection of early and early ripening groups: Kladez, Korchma, Kralek, Kupets, Patriot, Prizier, Tretyakovka, Elixir. Productivity of new varieties is 1.5–14.7 t/ha higher than standards. New varieties characterize high starch content, vitamin C content, excellent taste, low nitrate content and medium – reducing sugars. Special attention should be paid to the varieties Kralek (pink pulp) and Elixir (red pulp). These varieties are intended for dietary nutrition and contains anthocyanins (antioxidants). Also they differ excellent taste.

Keywords: potatoes, varieties, taste, productivity, biochemical indicators.

Kh.Kh. Apshev, PhD, head of laboratory of plant breeding. E-mail:

N.A. Timoshina, PhD, senior research fellow, laboratory of agrochemistry and biochemistry. E-mail:

E.V. Knyazeva, research fellow, laboratory of agrochemistry and biochemistry. E-mail:

L.S. Fedotova, DSc, professor, head of laboratory of agrochemistry and biochemistry. E-mail:

Lorch Potato Research Institute

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PDF (Rus)

For citing: Apshev Kh.Kh., Timoshina N.A., Knyazeva E.V., Fedotova L.S.   New perspective potatoes varieties and their characteristic. Potato and Vegetables. 2019. No1. Pp. 30-32.

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