Reducing the loss of fruits bell pepper from diseases with different types of packaging

UDC 635.649: 664.8.03

Yanchenko E.V., Alekseeva K.L., Engalychev D.I., Tkachenko G.V., Porvalov K.V.

The paper reflects the results of studies on the storage of sweet pepper of the domestic hybrid F1 Natalie in a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), which was carried out using various types of polymer packaging in a refrigerator (including Xtend packages of the Israeli company StePac, creating a modified atmosphere and humidity), used in combination with an ethylene absorber (sachet) on based on potassium permanganate Save Fresh. The study was carried out in 2021–2022 at the ARRIVG – branch of FSBSI FSCV within the framework of an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation with Arteria Inter Fresh LLC. After 35 days of storage (t= 6–9 °C, OVV – 80–90%) of the fruits of sweet pepper F1 Natali in an open box (normal atmosphere), the best preservation was characterized by fruits stored brown (yield of marketable products – 75.75%). Fruits stored in an open box with red ones were most affected by diseases (24.6%), mainly alternariasis. When stored in a hermetically sealed plastic bag with a density of 35 mm, sweet pepper fruits had a low weight loss (0.2%), but were more affected by diseases, especially wet bacterial and gray rot. The optimal type of packaging that extends the shelf life of sweet pepper fruits is Xtend with modified atmosphere and humidity (MA/MH). The use of these bags gave a significant increase in preservation (on average 9.33% compared with storage in an open box and 7.3% compared with a sealed plastic bag with a film thickness of 35 microns). Of the diseases in this version of the experiment, only gray rot was identified. Thus, we recommend wider use of Xtend packages (MA/MH) in combination with the Save Fresh ethylene absorber, increasing the preservation of sweet pepper by using hybrids resistant to gray rot or increasing their resistance by agrotechnical methods.

Key words: bell pepper, modified atmosphere, packaging, diseases, persistence

Yanchenko E.V., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), leading research fellow, ARRIVG – branch of FSBSI FSCV. E-mail:

Alekseeva K.L., D. Sci. (Agr.), chief research fellow, head of the Research Division “Immunity and Plant Protection”, ARRIVG – branch of FSBSI FSCV. E-mail:

Engalychev D.I., research fellow, ARRIVG – branch of FSBSI FSCV. E-mail:

Tkachenko G.V., Director General of Arteria Inter Fresh LLC. E-mail:

Porvalov K.V., Commercial Director of Arteria Inter Fresh LLC. E-mail:

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For citing: Reducing the loss of fruits bell pepper from diseases with different types of packaging. E.V. Yanchenko, K.L. Alekseeva, D.I. Engalychev, G.V. Tkachenko, K.V. Porvalov. Potato and vegetables. 2023. No9. Pp. 18-21. (In Russ.).

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