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Main topic

Malko A.M., Govorov D.N., Nikolaev Yu.N., Zhivykh A.V., Androsova O.V., Budarova N.A.

Rosselkhozcentr works for the food security of the country p. 3

Leaders of the branch

Serova A.Yu.

A constructive dialogue p. 6

Serova A.Yu.

Modern problems require modern solutions p. 8

Tretyakova A.A.

We are working for the result p. 10


Bykovskii Yu.A.

Certification is assurance of quality and development p. 11


Gorbacheva A.V., Derevshchyukov S.N.

Prospects of development of vegetable and potato growing in Voronezh region p. 13

Vegetable growing

Mudrechenko S.L., Maslovskii S.A., Borisov V.A., Karpova N.A., Shapovalova P.N.

Pre-sale commodity refinement of potatoes and vegetable products: modern solutions p. 17

Potato growing

Shabanov A.E., Kiselev A.I., Solomentsev P.V.

Biological features and reaction of the Kumach potato variety to agricultural cultivation practices p. 23

Your plant residues are your alternative to mineral fertilizers p. 27

Kalinin A.B., Teplinskii I.Z.

Methods and means for managing moisture supply regimes during potato growing p. 28

Breeding and seed growing

Ushanov A.A., Mironov A.A., Nguen T.G.

Correlations in the breeding of parthenocarpic gherkin cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) in the field p. 33

Ognev V.V., Chernova T.V., Kostenko A.N.

Commercial seed production of sweet peppers in the open ground in the south of Russia p. 36

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