№3, 2019 en


Main topic

The future belongs to new technologies. I.S. Butov P. 2

Information and analysis

To revive the village. T.S. Romanov P. 6

Open the way to Russian varieties and hybrids. S.A. Kravtsov P. 8

Vegetable growing

A new cucumber F1 hybrid Piligrim: growing in plastic film greenhouses. O.V. Baklanova, L.A. Chistyakova P. 9


How to reduce potato tubes damaging under machine technologies. N.N. Kolchin, A.G. Ponomarev, S.N. Petukhov. P. 14

Potato growing

State of technological and technical support of potato production in Russia. N.V. Sazonov, A.A. Dorokhov P. 20

Potato cultivation in fodder crop rotation on sod-podzolic soil of the North. N.T. Chebotarev, P.I. Konkin, A.A. Yudin, E.N. Mikusheva P. 23

Productivity and quality of the new generation of varieties of potatoes. A.E. Shabanov, A.I. Kiselev, L.S. Fedotova, N.A. Timoshina, E.V. Knyazeva P. 25

Breeding and seed growing

Standard organization for a typical technological process of production of turnip seeds (transplanting culture). M.G. Ibragimbekov, L.V. Pavlov, A.N. Khovrin, L.M. Shilo, V.I. Leunov P. 28

Seed production of female line of partenocarpic cucumber F1 Troya depending on nutrition area. A.A. Ushanov, A.A. Mironov P. 31

New bee-pollinated hybrids of a cornichon cucumber. T.I. Mokryanskaya P. 34

Ecological and variety variability morphometric parameters of carrots seeds. A.F. Bukharov, D.N. Baleev, E.V. Kashnova, G.V. Kasaeva, M.I. Ivanova, O.A. Razin P. 37


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