№4, 2019 en


Main topic

Breeding: an applied scence for substitution of imports. N.N. Klimenko, G.I. Karlov P. 2


Agrarian revival on the ancient land. P. 6

Information and analysis

The State is interested. R.A. Bagrov P. 10

Masters of the branch

The history of the success of the Novgorod agrarian P. 12

Leaders of the branch

Conveyor of vitamins P. 14

Vegetable growing

Quality or quantity? When there is no need to choose.  P. 16

Risks of spreading of new viral and bacterial diseases of vegetable crops in the Russian Federation through greenhouse production. A.N. Ignatov, G.G. Chelidze, K.S. Vorobyova P. 18

Promising varieties and hybrids of red beet for long-term storage. V.A. Borisov, N.A. Filroze, L.M. Sokolova, A.V. Kornev P. 23

Biological features of radish (Raphanus sativus L.) grown under the intensive grow light conditions. A.B. Kurina, A.M. Artemyeva, N.G. Sinyavina, A.A. Kochetov, G.G. Panova P. 26

Potato growing

Seed potato under summer planting. N.K. Dubrovin, T.V. Boeva, G.N. Kiseleva P. 30

Protection of potatoes during storage. V.N. Zeyruk, G.L. Belov, S.V. Maltsev, O.V. Abashkin, D.V. Abrosimov P. 33

Breeding and seed growing

Fortuna is the new melon cultivar. Yu.A. Bykovskii P. 35

Original method of seed production runnig for polycarpous varieties of vegetable crops. S.D. Sokolov, E.V. Khutornaya, A.S. Sokolov, A.M. Shantasov, N.G. Izmukhambetova P. 36

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