Evaluation of different potato varieties for suitability for primary processing and vacuum packaging

UDC 635.21:631.526.32 (571.63)

Volkov D.I., Kim I.V., Gisyuk A.A., Klykov A.G.

The article reflects the results of a comparative assessment of 172 potato varieties of various ecological and geographical origin (from Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Ukraine) by yield and the main qualitative characteristics that determine the suitability of varieties for primary processing and storage in vacuum packaging without the use of preservatives. Field and laboratory studies were carried out at the experimental site of the Potato and Vegetable Growing Department of the Federal Research Center of Agricultural Biotechnology of the Far East named after A.K. Chaika in 2019–2021. The soil of the experimental site is alluvial, the mechanical composition is medium loam, pH is 4.9±0.1. Morphological features (tuber shape, number and depth of eyehole, surface quality), darkening of the pulp of raw tubers, as well as the amount of waste during mechanical cleaning of tubers were determined in accordance with the guidelines for evaluating potato varieties for processing and storage. As a result of tests of 172 potato varieties for three years, 23 varieties with increased yield (more than 30 t/ha) and a high degree of resistance to darkening of the pulp were identified as raw materials for storage in vacuum packaging. According to the dry matter content (more than 20%), 11 varieties met the requirements for processing: Adretta, Arktika, Volat, Zhuravinka, Zoya, Kazachok, Kamenskii, Lena, Manifest, Rikarda, Utro. According to the content of reducing sugars (less than 0.4%), 14 varieties were distinguished: Avrora, Adretta, Volat, Gala, Zhuravinka, Zoya, Kazachok, Lilli, Manifest, Meteor, Natasha, Red Ledi, Sanibel, Utro. It has been established that a significant factor affecting the consumer qualities of potatoes in vacuum packaging, in addition to the genotype, is the use of an abrasive-type cleaning system. Arktika and Motsart varieties stood out from the entire assortment by yield, morphological indicators, attractive appearance of potatoes in packaging, as well as quality indicators of finished products for primary processing and storage for 15 days in vacuum packaging.

Key words: potato, variety, yield, suitability, vacuum packaging

Volkov D.I., post-graduate student, head of division of potato and vegetable growing. E-mail: volkov_dima@inbox.ru

Kim I.V., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), leading research fellow of division of potato and vegetable growing. E-mail: kimira-80@mail.ru

Gisyuk A.A., junior research fellow of division of potato and vegetable growing

Klykov A.G., D.Sci. (Biol.), corresponding member of the RAS, head of division of breeding and biotechnology of agricultural crops

FSBSI Federal Research Center of Agricultural Biotechnology of the Far East named after A.K. Chaika

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For citing: Evaluation of different potato varieties for suitability for primary processing and vacuum packaging. D.I. Volkov, I.V. Kim, A.A. Gisyuk, A.G. Klykov. Potato and vegetables. 2022. No4. Pp. 23-27. https://doi.org/10.25630/PAV.2022.61.15.005 (In Russ.).

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