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Information and analysis

The beginning of organic vegetable growing in Belarus. I.S. Butov p. 2

Leaders of the branch

First steps of the real partnership. T.S. Romanov p. 6

Masters of the branch

Worthy replacement. I.S. Butov p. 8

The result of systemic work. A.A. Chistik p. 9

Vegetable growing

Borscht group vegetables in Russia. A.F. Razin, M.V. Shatilov, R.A. Meshcheryakova, T.N. Surikhina, O.A. Razin, G.A. Telegina p. 10

Improvement of vegetable-growing technologies in open ground. I.I. Irkov, V.A. Borisov p. 14

Zenkor Ultra, СS for carrots protection. N.I. Bernaz, V.S. Golubovich p. 17

Potato growing

Time, methods of planting and growth regulators as elements of resource-saving technology of potato growing. I.N. Romanova, S.E. Terentyev, M.I. Perepichai, K.V. Martynova p. 19

Breeding and seed growing

Ways of watermelon growing for seeds. T.G. Koleboshina, E.A. Varivoda p. 23

Approaches to tomato breeding for different types of small-volume cultivation technology. A.S. Eroshevskaya, T.A. Tereshonkova, Kh. Faravn, V.I. Leunov p. 26

Creation of new forms of Raphanus sativus L. with the predicted complex of economically valuable traits using the methodology of accelerated plant breeding. A.A. Kochetov, N.G. Sinyavina p. 29

Sources of basic economically valuable features for potato breeding in the Amur region. O.M. Rafalskaya, S.V. Rafalskii, T.V. Melnikova p. 35

Breeding onions with resistance to downy mildew. G.F. Monakhos, S.G. Monakhos, R.R. Alizhanova p. 38

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