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Leader of the branch

Romanov T.S.

The Federation Council is interested in the development of domestic breeding p. 3

Tretyakova A.A.

Import substitution of vegetables on Kulikovo field p. 4

Butov I.S.

Promissing market p. 6


Don successes p. 8


Makrak S.V.

Development of the digital agrarian way of life in Belarus p. 10

Vegetable growing

Antipova O.V., Devochkina N.L., Engalycheva N.A.

Application of organo-microbiological fertilizer AGROCHELATE™ when growing green crops p. 13

Vorobyev M.V., Bogdanova V.D., Dyikanova M.E.,

Mironov A.A.

Cultivation of modern lettuce hybrids in open ground p. 17

Antipova O.V., Devochkina N.L., Lebedeva N.N.,Lukshina T.N., Murav’ev A.Yu.

Rational use of seedling greenhouse complexes during off -season period p. 21

Potato growing

Ostonakulov T.E., Lukova I.N.

Productivity, yield of seed tubers and multiplication factor of potato varieties as secondary crop, depending on planting methods p. 24

Gasparyan I.N.

Features of cultivation of two potato crops p. 28

Breeding and seed growing

Kosenko M.A., Ibragimbekov M.G., Khovrin A.N., Kornev A.V.

Planting schemes in carrot seed production p. 33

Pylnev V.V., Berezkin A.N., Vertikova E.A.

New methods for determining the varietal qualities of seeds of agricultural plants within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union p. 36

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