Comparative study of domestic early-ripening potato varieties in the conditions of the forest-steppe of the Novosibirsk Ob region

UDC 635.21:631.52

Gureeva Yu.A., Batov A.S., Safonova A.D., Orlova E.A.

The article presents the data of the study 2019–2021. on the study of varieties of early potatoes in the conditions of the Novosibirsk Ob region. The purpose of the study is to evaluate and select new promising domestic potato varieties of early ripening for subsequent promotion in production in the conditions of the forest-steppe of the Novosibirsk Ob region. The material of the study was 7 early potato varieties of domestic selection – Korchma, Kupets, Legenda, Terra, Triumph, Yubilyar and Yuna. The foreign variety Red Scarlett was taken as the standard, since it is among the top ten in terms of sown area in the Russian Federation. Establishment of the experiment, carrying out surveys, evaluation of samples in the field (phenological and phytopathological observations, trial diggings) were carried out in accordance with the methodological recommendations of VIR (2010) and VNIIKH named after A.G. Lorha (1980). The coefficient of adaptability was calculated according to the method of identifying the potential productivity and adaptability of varieties according to the parameter “yield” (Zhivotkov L.A., 1996). To determine the ultra-early varieties of potatoes, the first dynamic digging was carried out 60 days after planting. The highest yield of tubers during the first dynamic digging (60 days p / p) was provided by the early ripe variety Legend – 17.6 t/ha. In the second dynamic harvest (75 days p/p), the Legenda variety also stood out, the yield of which significantly exceeded the standard variety by 25%. To form a high yield in the main digging, the varieties Legend and Terra are offered, which have a tuber yield of 36.9 t/ha and 39.9 t/ha, respectively. According to the methodology for identifying adaptability, varieties were also noted: Legend (1.11) and Terra (1.20). Resistance to vegetation and storage diseases in Legenda and Terra varieties is high enough to be used for organic potato production, and they are suitable for winter storage. According to a complex of economically valuable traits, the Legenda and Terra varieties are recommended for solving the problem of import substitution in the conditions of the forest-steppe of the Novosibirsk Ob region.

Key words: Solanum tuberosum, potato, early variety, yield, productivity, biochemical composition, disease resistance

Gureeva Y.A., junior research fellow. E–mail:

Batov A.S., junior research fellow

Safonova A.D., senior research fellow

Orlova E.A., Cand. Sci. (Agr.), leading research fellow

Siberian Research Institute of Plant Production and Breeding - branch of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution «The Federal Research Center Institute of Cytology and Genetics – of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences»

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For citing: Comparative study of domestic early-ripening potato varieties in the conditions of the forest-steppe of the Novosibirsk Ob region. Yu.A. Gureeva, A.S. Batov, A.D. Safonova, E.A. Orlova. Potato and vegetables. No8. Pp. 25–28. (In Russ.).

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