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Leaders of the branch

New leaders of commodity vegetables market. I.S. Butov P. 2

Vegetable market of South of Russia. A.A. Chistik P. 4

We’ll solve problems together. I.S. Butov P. 7

The impressing result. T.S. Romanov P. 9


Potato growing in Uzbekistan: state and development prospects. T.E. Ostonakulov, M.M. Adilov, A.S. Rustamov P. 10

Vegetable growing

The use of zeolites in vegetable growing. V.A. Borisov, I.Yu. Vasyuchkov, O.N. Uspenskaya, A.A.Kolomiets P. 14

Chemical composition of Raphanus indicus depending on foliar treatment with trace elements. O.V. Eliseeva, A.F. Eliseev P. 18

Micro-greens of pea sprouts and standard of organization. L.M. Shilo, O.V. Ushakova, V.A. Ushakov, L.V. Pavlov, A.V. Molchanova P. 21

Potato growing

Potato responsiveness to fertilizers and crop losses from late blight in the North-West of Russia. A.I. Ivanov, Zh.A. Ivanova, O.I. Yakusheva, P.A. Filippov P. 23

Potato varieties adapted to the conditions of the North. A.G. Tulinov, A.Yu. Lobanov, M.Yu. Shlyk, T.V. Kosolapova P. 27

Breeding of potatoes cultivars resistant to late blight of potato. S.S. Basiev, Z.A. Bolieva, D.P. Kozaeva, I.G. Pliev P. 30

Breeding and seed growing

Affection of seed plants by Albugo candida in primary seed growing in Moscow region. A.N. Khovrin, D.A. Yanaeva P. 33

Quality and durability of seeds depending on seeds fraction. L.V. Startseva, V.I. Startsev P. 36

Assessment of heat-resistance cultivars and source material of vegetables in the South of Russia. N.V. Geras’kina, I.V. Timoshenko, L.A. Kuksa P. 38

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